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Joanne brings years of experience working with and within all levels of the school system. She offers insights and strategies that change outcomes for all students.

Joanne is an expert on well-being, social and emotional learning, deeper learning measurement, assessment, and whole-system change. Her words are illuminated by continued, hands-on experience partnering with diverse groups of schools around the world.

QSPA Keynote 2022
“The minute we separate learning and wellbeing, we lose.”
Joanne McEachen

Sample Keynotes Topics

Joanne will work with you on a interactive workshop or webinar that best meets your unique interests and needs. A sampling of possible speaking formats and topics are included below.

Contributive Learning
We contribute to the greatest extent when we know who we are, feel connected, and pair knowledge with competency. What would it look like, across school systems globally, if all students learned how to add to the world? Contributive Learning is a new lens for integrating academic and social-emotional learning in everyday instruction. 

Making the Important Measurable, Not the Measurable Important
What really matters to you and your students? Chances are, a lot of what you value about your students and their well-being doesn’t feel center stage at all times in their learning. Since school systems prioritize the measured outcomes of learning, a great way to prioritize well-being is to measure it. 

Authentic Mixed-Method Assessment
How do you know whether students’ learning is positively impacting their well-being? The answer is in the evidence. Authentic mixed-method assessment (AMMA) is the process of gathering the full range of evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, required to understand levels of progress or development. 

At the 2020 [RE]LEARN Online Learning Innovation Festival, Joanne McEachen hosted a session on contributive learning, exploring how self-understanding, connection, knowledge, and competency can all come together in educational contexts to help learners find meaning, success, and fulfillment. 

Additional Topics

  • Leading Teams Through a Crisis
  • Measuring Human Return: How to Measure What Matters for Learners
  • Maintaining Personal Well-being
  • The Change Team Experience: Building Communities That Partner with Purpose
  • The Role of the Student in a Deeper Learning Environment
  • Models for Teaching Self-Understanding and Connection
  • The Five Capabilities: Organizational Outcomes That Put Learners First
  • Why Do We Learn? School, Success, and the Purpose of Education


  • Keynote presentations
  • Interactive workshops
  • Hands-on training/Coaching
  • Lectures
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Staff Meetings
  • Strategic Planning Sessions


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